Who are you?

I'm Pedro Alcocer, a generative artist based in New York City.

You can find me on twitter and instagram.

What is this?

I create art using algorithms. My algorithms take random numbers and represent them in interesting ways. These are brought into the real world by a pen plotter that physically inscribes the output of the algorithm onto paper.

Because these pieces are based on randomness, every new "instantiation" of the piece is unique. Pieces created under the same name are like siblings. No two are the same, but they are all the same family.

Every piece sold here is one of one. To emphasize this, I write the details of each piece's uniqueness — including an id representing the code that generated the piece and the time when it was generated, down to the millisecond — on the bottom of each piece, in pencil.

How do you name the pieces?

Each piece is named with a pair of arbitrary six-letter word-like strings. I generate many of these and choose one that I think matches the spirit of the piece.

Can you share the code?

Generally, I cannot.


Every piece is shipped flat and packaged carefully to make sure that it doesn't get damaged in transit. Orders with multiple pieces are charged no additional shipping after the first piece.